Thursday, April 3, 2008

Alan Keyes Apparently No Longer a Republican

Since John McCain clinched the nomination on March 5, I like to periodically check what the campaigns of Alan Keyes and Ron Paul are up to, and if they're still in the race trying to accomplish whatever it is they're trying to accomplish.

Imagine my shock today when I checked the 2008 Presidential Election page and saw Alan Keyes listed as a withdrawn candidate. Upon further investigation, I learned that Mr Keyes is still running, but for the Constitution Party. I'm sure the GOP dearly misses that certain feeling of cringe worthy embarrassment than only a man like Alan Keyes could bring to the party.

Ron Paul on the other hand, is still running. Running to what only Ron and the voices in his head know for sure, but he's not giving up, so there's a message of perseverance in there somewhere.

In more sane and relevant news, here's another new McCain web ad.