Wednesday, March 26, 2008


From SurveyUSA's polls last week.

I think this might suggest that the most elite of the limousine liberals aren't quite as "enlightened" as they want to think they are.

If John McCain wins Massachusetts, turn out the lights, Barry, the party's over.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Polls, Polls, Polls

All good news.

has McCain maintaining the 6 point lead he took on Monday over both challengers.

They also show Barack Obama's unfavorables steadily rising while McCain's drop.

Speaking of, as I wrote on my other blogs, excellent news from Gallup.

Just a happy day to read the polls

Friday, March 14, 2008

McCain 45 Obama 44 and McCain 46 Clinton 44

So sayeth Rasmussen

In other news, the amendment that McCain championed and Clinton and Obama paid lip service to was destroyed. Bad news for the country in the short term, potentially good news for the country in the long term if this angers the regular American enough.

Also, check out the McCarnival at McCain Blogs for a collection of great pro John McCain posts (and one from me) around the blogosphere. Then check out the rest of McCain Blogs, because its an awesome site.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mixed Bag with Rasmussen

Some good and some bad today. Obama and Clinto both gained on McCain, with Clinton leading (within the margin of error.)

However, The Democrats continue to lose their grip on Michigan. I can't stress how huge it would be if McCain were to flip Michigan and Pennsylvania. That could be insurmountable for the Democrats.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

So yeah, nevermind

Yesterday I was a little worried about the potential of a high protest vote against John McCain in Mississippi. Not so much. 79-13 is pretty definitive, I'd say. Pretty decent turnout for a meaningless election too.

The Rasmussen numbers look pretty good. Not so much the head to heads, even with McCain leading Obama within the margin of error. The real good news is that Michigan and Pennsylvania are moving back in play. I think McCain stands a great chance of winning Pennsylvania in particular against radical liberal Obama. And if the Mittster does find his way onto the ticket, Michigan may be ours too.

I'll have my thoughts on Spitzer this weekend. In the meantime, if you're a real masochist and need to read MORE of me, check out Blogs for McCain and Blogs for John McCain's Victory. We have a great team at both sites there and I'm really happy to be there.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rasmussen, Mississippi and the new blogs

I'm sure anyone that actually reads this blog knows by now that I'm now a contributor to Blogs for McCain and Blogs for John McCain's Victory. I'm still going to post at this blog, mostly Rasmussen polls and whatever idle thoughts may come to my mind that I don't necessarily think deserve their own posts on the big blogs. I have an Eliot Spitzer post planned soon for here.

Tonight is the Republican (and Democratic, for that matter) primary in Mississippi. Obviously it means nothing, but it will be interesting to see what percentage John actually pulls in. Being the first big primary (he won Guam on the 8th) after wrapping up the nomination, this could have some Vice Presidential selection implications. If Huckabee still gets a sizable protest vote like in Texas, I'm sure the McCain Campaign will seriously consider adding a Haley Barbour type.

The Rasmussen Numbers over the past two days are swinging back in our favor after a poor week. He's now tied with both Clinton and Obama. He was losing to both (within the margin of error) on Sunday.

Monday, March 10, 2008

The "evolving" Obama.

I was reading Hot Air this morning and saw ALLAHPUNDIT, referencing a Barack Obama quote from 2004.

The failure of the Iraqi state would be a disaster,” he said at a lunch sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor, according to an audiotape of the session. “It would dishonor the 900-plus men and women who have already died. . . . It would be a betrayal of the promise that we made to the Iraqi people, and it would be hugely destabilizing from a national security perspective

As Allah and The Weekly Standard suggest, Mr. Obama seems to have a way of "evolving" his positions into whatever the mainstream of the Democratic party happens to be at any given time.

New kind of politics indeed

Sunday, March 9, 2008

First he was having an affair. Then he wasn't really American.

Now his cancer is not in remission enough for the New York Times liking.

This would be somewhat hilarious in an Elmer Fudd vs Bugs Bunny way if the Paper of Record was not trying to subtly suggest that his cancer was worse than it really was and that it had potentially spread. And that McCain was shielding his medical records to try and hide that from the public.

Its getting out of hand now.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Obama's campaign continues to endorse John McCain

I really, really don't understand it. But please keep it up guys.

As the good Captain Ed at Hot Air posted today, Barack Obama's national security adviser disagrees strongly with Barack's stance against telecom immunity. He goes as far as to suggest that Barack isn't doing his homework and that he's reacting with a knee-jerk response.

Also, while the monster quote from Samantha Power's rant may be what's making the rounds now, Mad and Ben Smith at Politico point out Power's comments on Barack's Iraq plan that seem to have a certain Naftaquiddick aspect to them. Or to be more blunt, it appears that Barack Obama may be lying to the American voters and talking out of both sides of his mouth again.

I have to say, I do value the efforts of John McCain bloggers. I think they do a great job getting the message out. But if Obama's campaign wants to do the heavy lifting for us, they're more than welcome to.

Friday, March 7, 2008

The ad that is going to win the election.

Absolutely brilliant. Its optimistic,inspirational and uplifting. It instills hope without having to use the word over and over and over and over again.

It favorable compares him to men that are universally respected in both this country and the world. The Churchill comparison will particularly help him, I think. If you remind people what happened when Churchill stood his ground against the Nazis, it will help build resolve for our fight against radical Islamic extremism. As as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama seem to want to remind us every day, both Democrats are totally ill prepared for this fight.

I'll end this with what I believe are the two most powerful quotes in an extremely powerful video.

We're Americans and we'll never surrender. They will!

Don't tell me what we can't do. Don't tell me we can't make our country stronger and the world safe. We can, we must, and when I'm President, we will!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Clinton and Obama continue to campaign for McCain

I don't really understand it. It stands to reason that if you are running against someone for the most important job in the world, you wouldn't repeatedly say how qualified he is for the job.

Or, for that matter, have your surrogates point out what a disaster you'd be.

Maybe its the new math. Whatever it is, I'll take it, especially with the Rasmussen polls tightening up a little.

Geoff at Blogs for John McCain's Victory points out Obama's problems with blue collar middle class Democrats and how that may benefit McCain. My personal feelings there are that these voters just don't feel particularly safe under a President Obama and his romantic view of the world. I think John McCain can capitalize on that. I also think that John McCain being John McCain and not a far rightwing comic book villain politician neutralizes a lot of the "Obamacans."

And finally, sad news here in McCainia. It appears as if the Crazy Train has finally fallen off the tracks for good. Dr. Paul leaves Alan Keyes, who is allegedly running, all by himself in the challenge to...well, nothing. But that's not the point. We're now deprived of people that make videos such as this.

Enough to bring a tear to a glass eye

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Now the real work begins

Tuesday night was the culmination of a lot of hard work by Senator John McCain and his supporters, both online and in the field. A lot of people worked very hard to get the senator where he is today, certainly not the least of which is John McCain himself and his fifty years of service to this country.

Wednesday was largely a day of relaxation and celebration for those of us on the web, if not for McCain himself, who was already fund raising in Florida by mid afternoon.

As the guys at Politico Mafioso note, McCain got the formal laying of the hands from George Bush today.

He also started the process of taking over the RNC.

McCain Monitor reminds us that John McCain's primary job right now is to pick the right vice president to balance the ticket. That's not something we're going to have much of a say in (and frankly, thank whatever deity that you pray to that some 21 year old blogger in NY doesn't have a say in the Vice President of the United States.)

However, there are things we can do. The fine folks over at MV08 have worked hard to establish the John McCain 50 State Google Groups, and Blogs For McCain has the pertinent details on how to sign up and join these.

You can also start up your own blog and ramble to no one in particular, like I do. Brad at MV08 lists the five sites that can help to get your blog off the ground. Even if you suspect that no one is really reading your blog (as I do with mine), signing your blog up for the Wonkosphere will automatically help to raise John McCain's internet buzz and interest.

However, the best, and perhaps easiest way to help John McCain as we enter a tough general election is to donate money to John McCain's campaign.

Whatever you do, even if you choose to just vote in November and nothing more, know that you are helping to elect the best possible President of the United States.

UPDATE: And if Michael Schuyler happens to be reading this, I did in fact name this post before reading the Omnibus.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

No Words Necessary,

Final Polling Numbers and Huckabee to Drop Out?

Well, today is the day that Senator John McCain, in all likelihood, wraps up the nomination.

The latest RCP Poll Averages have John McCain with a huge lead in Texas and Ohio (not to mention the Republican Nomination poll)

The Democrats aren't so lucky, as Hillary's late surges in Texas and Ohio means this thing could be going on for quite a bit longer.

In other news, in case it wasn't clear at this point anyway, Virginia for McCain is reporting that the Huckabee campaign is reading the writing on the wall and might drop out as early as tonight.

If this is true, its time for the GOP to coalesce and build our general election campaign while the Democrats fight like cats and dogs all the way to the convention.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Barbour and Perdue to endorse McCain

So sez Fox News

Apparently these are the hyped major endorsements.

I don't necessarily know if this will have any major affect outside of Georgia and Mississippi, but if it can help shore up any doubts about the deep south in the general election, they're great

Nothing Today

Its my 21st Birthday, so I'll be out all day reveling in being 21. Hopefully nothing important happens today, but if it does, anyone that reads this blog knows they can get any information they need at


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John McCain's Official Site

Blogs for McCain


Blogs for John McCain

Take Care


Saturday, March 1, 2008

Today's Update

The Rasmussen Daily Tracker results for today show John McCain expanding his leads over both Hillary and Barack. He currently leads Barack Obama 46-43 and Hillary Clinton 48-44.

McCain also has the best favorable vs unfavorable numbers with 54-42, easily trumping Obama's 51-46 and Hillary's atrocious 45-52

Over the last week, both Democrats, specifically Obama had been closing the gap. John's lead in the daily tracker on the last day of February was 45-44. Something must have happened for voters to once again realize why they must vote for John McCain.

Perhaps it was both candidates releasing ads that reminded America what a terrifying commander in chief they'd each make?

Blogs for McCain found another video that helped to confirm that.

In other mind-boggling Obama foreign policy notes, John McCain reminded everyone how silly poking Canada in the eye would be.

It's all the more confusing to watch Obama drop an ultimatum on the Canadians when you remember that this is the man that will gladly give Raul Castro a free photo op.

On the Hillary front, someone finally actually asked her campaign what big foreign policy crisis this woman has dealt with.

I see. She has "participated in a number of international things."

Oh, good. I'm brimming with confidence there.

Back on the Republican Primary front, Texas and Ohio continue to look really good. The latest (a week old) poll available at Real Clear Politics for Vermont shows a 51 percentage point lead. I don't think I'd bet on it being that big, but the writing is certainly on the wall.

The only person who doesn't seem to be reading it is Mike Huckabee, who Jonathan Martin at Politico says is now invoking The Alamo.

Does he remember how the Battle of the Alamo ended?