Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rasmussen, Mississippi and the new blogs

I'm sure anyone that actually reads this blog knows by now that I'm now a contributor to Blogs for McCain and Blogs for John McCain's Victory. I'm still going to post at this blog, mostly Rasmussen polls and whatever idle thoughts may come to my mind that I don't necessarily think deserve their own posts on the big blogs. I have an Eliot Spitzer post planned soon for here.

Tonight is the Republican (and Democratic, for that matter) primary in Mississippi. Obviously it means nothing, but it will be interesting to see what percentage John actually pulls in. Being the first big primary (he won Guam on the 8th) after wrapping up the nomination, this could have some Vice Presidential selection implications. If Huckabee still gets a sizable protest vote like in Texas, I'm sure the McCain Campaign will seriously consider adding a Haley Barbour type.

The Rasmussen Numbers over the past two days are swinging back in our favor after a poor week. He's now tied with both Clinton and Obama. He was losing to both (within the margin of error) on Sunday.