Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Now the real work begins

Tuesday night was the culmination of a lot of hard work by Senator John McCain and his supporters, both online and in the field. A lot of people worked very hard to get the senator where he is today, certainly not the least of which is John McCain himself and his fifty years of service to this country.

Wednesday was largely a day of relaxation and celebration for those of us on the web, if not for McCain himself, who was already fund raising in Florida by mid afternoon.

As the guys at Politico Mafioso note, McCain got the formal laying of the hands from George Bush today.

He also started the process of taking over the RNC.

McCain Monitor reminds us that John McCain's primary job right now is to pick the right vice president to balance the ticket. That's not something we're going to have much of a say in (and frankly, thank whatever deity that you pray to that some 21 year old blogger in NY doesn't have a say in the Vice President of the United States.)

However, there are things we can do. The fine folks over at MV08 have worked hard to establish the John McCain 50 State Google Groups, and Blogs For McCain has the pertinent details on how to sign up and join these.

You can also start up your own blog and ramble to no one in particular, like I do. Brad at MV08 lists the five sites that can help to get your blog off the ground. Even if you suspect that no one is really reading your blog (as I do with mine), signing your blog up for the Wonkosphere will automatically help to raise John McCain's internet buzz and interest.

However, the best, and perhaps easiest way to help John McCain as we enter a tough general election is to donate money to John McCain's campaign.

Whatever you do, even if you choose to just vote in November and nothing more, know that you are helping to elect the best possible President of the United States.

UPDATE: And if Michael Schuyler happens to be reading this, I did in fact name this post before reading the Omnibus.