Saturday, March 8, 2008

Obama's campaign continues to endorse John McCain

I really, really don't understand it. But please keep it up guys.

As the good Captain Ed at Hot Air posted today, Barack Obama's national security adviser disagrees strongly with Barack's stance against telecom immunity. He goes as far as to suggest that Barack isn't doing his homework and that he's reacting with a knee-jerk response.

Also, while the monster quote from Samantha Power's rant may be what's making the rounds now, Mad and Ben Smith at Politico point out Power's comments on Barack's Iraq plan that seem to have a certain Naftaquiddick aspect to them. Or to be more blunt, it appears that Barack Obama may be lying to the American voters and talking out of both sides of his mouth again.

I have to say, I do value the efforts of John McCain bloggers. I think they do a great job getting the message out. But if Obama's campaign wants to do the heavy lifting for us, they're more than welcome to.