Saturday, March 1, 2008

Today's Update

The Rasmussen Daily Tracker results for today show John McCain expanding his leads over both Hillary and Barack. He currently leads Barack Obama 46-43 and Hillary Clinton 48-44.

McCain also has the best favorable vs unfavorable numbers with 54-42, easily trumping Obama's 51-46 and Hillary's atrocious 45-52

Over the last week, both Democrats, specifically Obama had been closing the gap. John's lead in the daily tracker on the last day of February was 45-44. Something must have happened for voters to once again realize why they must vote for John McCain.

Perhaps it was both candidates releasing ads that reminded America what a terrifying commander in chief they'd each make?

Blogs for McCain found another video that helped to confirm that.

In other mind-boggling Obama foreign policy notes, John McCain reminded everyone how silly poking Canada in the eye would be.

It's all the more confusing to watch Obama drop an ultimatum on the Canadians when you remember that this is the man that will gladly give Raul Castro a free photo op.

On the Hillary front, someone finally actually asked her campaign what big foreign policy crisis this woman has dealt with.

I see. She has "participated in a number of international things."

Oh, good. I'm brimming with confidence there.

Back on the Republican Primary front, Texas and Ohio continue to look really good. The latest (a week old) poll available at Real Clear Politics for Vermont shows a 51 percentage point lead. I don't think I'd bet on it being that big, but the writing is certainly on the wall.

The only person who doesn't seem to be reading it is Mike Huckabee, who Jonathan Martin at Politico says is now invoking The Alamo.

Does he remember how the Battle of the Alamo ended?